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Baazar Kolkata was incepted in the year 2002 with a vision to provide affordable yet stylish fashion to the people of eastern India. It was the time when there were not many supermarkets and people had limited access to fashion. Baazar Kolkata emerged as a fashion saviour for common people where one could buy whatever they want to, without any hassle. Later, many other value-retail stores emerged following the footsteps of Baazar Kolkata’s value-retail format and helped the middle-class consumers stay fashionable without much of spending.

The oldest retail outlet of eastern India has bagged the award of ‘Most Successful Value Retailer in East India’ not once or twice, but thrice from Images Retail Awards. With more than 17 years of market presence, it survived the great recession of 2008-09 when the economic growth became quite low. Slowly and eventually, it has flourished throughout eastern India and currently has 80 outlets located in states like Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Tripura. The brand is now planning for expansion in the north-eastern part of India and plans to open 30 more outlets this financial year.

The success mantra

The outstanding achievement of Baazar Kolkata was possible due to the quality of merchandise it provides without shelling out much from the consumer’s pockets. Perhaps this is the reason why it has become eastern India’s favorite value-retail store with a loyal customer base. The founder of not just the brand but the concept of value chain retailing-Manoj Khemka used his two decades of retail business development & managerial expertise to make Baazar Kolkata a successful venture. The MD, with a competent team that includes Abhishek Khemka & Rishav Goenka (Executive Directors, Baazar Kolkata) are actively associated with the organization for more than 15 years & helping the organization flourish as one of the biggest players in this competitive market. The retail chain has provided employment to more than 3500 people and has significantly contributed to the financial development of India.

An average consumer faces many budget constraints that clashes with the desire to wear fashionable attires. Every youngster wants to stay in sync with the latest trends, every professional wants to look attractive in his or her attire, and every mother wants to dress up his or her children in best of the outfits possible. But most of the times it is not feasible to buy clothes every now and then, that too, from the stores that stock expensive & branded clothes. Here, the supply chain dynamics comes into existence, which is also the success mantra of Baazar Kolkata. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the suppliers, Baazar Kolkata is able to provide some of the most fashionable merchandise at reasonable prices.

The basic infrastructure that makes value-retailing concept successful

  • The biggest benefit of having supply chain system is that it streamlines the business process in the best way possible. An efficient supply chain team like that of Baazar Kolkata can help in determining the products that are in demand & restock them when there’s a shortage. The supply chain management system also decides how the products are to be shipped with minimum disruption.
  • Baazar Kolkata owns a VPN (Virtual Private Network) system keeps all the outlets connected, and that helps in keeping the staffs updated about the sales stock ensuring smooth supply chain management.
  • The MIS system of this value-retail supermarket chain makes the supply chain system more lucid so that it can function well and provide better customer service.
  • The inventory visibility is directly related to the business, so it is important to keep a close watch on the inventory over a period of time and then decide the prices accordingly.

Baazar Kolkata is not just a value-retail brand, but it is more of an experience that connects well with the common people to provide them freedom from the budgetary limitations and perks of staying stylish forever

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